Exact Edge Professional Sharpening For Scissors, Shears, Clipper Blades and Repair For Clippers And Dryers. Shipping Information

Ship To Address:

Exact Edge LLC
30760 N. Lakeview Dr.
Breezy Point, MN. 56472-3163


  •   Return shipping is free for all sharpening orders $40.00 or more and just $6.95 for orders less than $40.00.
  •   Return shipping is via 2 day U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail unless specifically instructed otherwise.
  •   You may request UPS Ground return shipping for $8.95.
  •   Insurance up to a maximum of $500.00 is offered at additional cost.

Packaging and Labeling Tips:

  • Use a carton or padded bag. If you are re-using a carton or bag, remove all previous labels and markings.
  • D o Not Ship Clipper Blades Loose In A Box. There Will Be Broken Teeth.
  •   Carton should have enough room for contents and cushioning around all sides.
  •   Wrap each blade or scissors in either newspaper or paper towel and segregate from other items.
  •   Add enough cushioning material (Newspaper, Styrofoam, Bubble Wrap, etc.) to ensure contents will not move around.
  •   Seal carton or padded bag with 2" clear or brown packaging tape on all seams.
  •   Use a complete and legible address with Zip Code + 4 whenever possible.
  •   Be sure to include your return address.
  •   Include the completed Work Order Form or something that lists the items, your requests and method of payment with the shipment.

Payment Options:

  • Emailed invoice with on line credit card payment option
  •  Pay Pal (the most secure, shipment made upon receipt of payment)
  •  Money Order, Cashiers Check
  •  Personal or Company Check
  •  Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express)